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Managed Learning Environment (MLE) is a part of Government's initiative to bring students, teachers and parents together in a single 'place', which allows easier communication. It also facilitates learning, whilst referring to a wider infrastructure of information system to support the electronic learning.

The Provider of MLE for Rutlish is Fronter


Teachers will post homework onto the Fronter homepage to support the setting of homework in the classroom. Homework will be made clearly visible with a yellow header, the subject, the date the homework is set and the date the homework is due. A record of all homework set will be available in the subject’s 'room' on Fronter.

Students and parents share a ‘shared log-in’. Parents are advised to log in with their son’s log in to monitor homework that is being set. Students will only see homework on the homepage that is relevant to them. They will not receive homework that is not for them.

Students are expected to use the Fronter homepage to support their planners. Fronter should not be viewed as a replacement for students’ planners. If a student misses a lesson when a homework is set then he will still be expected to check Fronter and complete that homework where possible.