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Managed Learning Environment (MLE) is a part of Government's initiative to bring students, teachers and parents together in a single 'place', which allows easier communication. It also facilitates learning, whilst referring to a wider infrastructure of information system to support the electronic learning.

The Provider of MLE for Rutlish is Fronter

Students will be informed of how Fronter is used in each subject by the respective teacher. Fronter has many uses and we, as a school, are striving to ensure that it is used as efficiently as possible.

Parents are encouraged  to login to become familiar with what students see online or to monitor the work that they are being set via Fronter.

Click here or on the Fronter logo (above or on the homepage) to be taken to the Fronter website

The revision pages previously accessible via the RP login are now available in the homework rooms on the right hand side of the home page.

Students are supplied with a sticker for their planner with the details of his log in and username. This information must be kept safe as it will be needed throughout the year.

If you have concerns due to a lack of ICT facilities at home, please be aware that the school Learning Resource Centre is open early morning, break, lunchtime and after school for boys to do their homework.