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The Rutlish Foundation

Rutlish Foundation

The Rutlish Foundation is a charity that took its current form in 1994 when the funds arising originally from the will of William Rutlish and more recent charities to assist current and former students at Rutlish School were consolidated. It was money from the forerunner charity that was used to found Rutlish School.

The Rutlish Foundation Trustee Ltd, a private company limited by guarantee, Company No. 12372913, is the sole Trustee of the charity. The following each appoint 3 Directors of the company and there are a further 3 co-opted directors:

  • The Governors of Rutlish School
  • The Headteacher and teaching staff of Rutlish School
  • The Old Rutlishians’ Association and
  • The Rutlish School PTA (known as the “Friends of Rutlish”)

The Foundation own freehold and leasehold properties including Rutlish School and it also has investments. It appoints 4 of the Governors of Rutlish School.

The Foundation provides financial support to the school for things not covered by the school budgets and provides grants to students in higher education who were born or live within the boundaries of the ancient Parish of Merton (about a quarter or the London Borough of Merton i.e. the bit that was Merton as against Morden, Wimbledon or Mitcham) or those who have been students of Rutlish School for at least 3 years.

If you would like further information on this or the student grants, please contact the Clerk to the Charity, Velia Kietzmann on .

You can also follow the Foundation on Twitter @RutlishFound

For more information, please visit their website: Foundation website

“Rutlish School – The First Hundred Years”, the book by Colin Brock is available from the Foundation price £10.