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United Through Excellence

Welcome to RR6

RR6 is the combined Sixth Form of Ricards Lodge High School and Rutlish School.  We offer students at different academic levels access to courses in a wide range of curriculum areas including our specialist subjects.

As a Sixth Form student at RR6 you will benefit from our commitment to first class teaching and also a pastoral framework that will support you in becoming an independent achiever. 

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What our Sixth Form Students Say


Sixth Form

I chose RR6 so that I could continue to access the high quality teaching and facilities that I had experienced at Rutlish, and because I knew that the results the 6th form achieved were very good.



I chose RR6 because I wanted to start new and meet new people.



I wanted to study at RR6 because I enjoyed my time at Ricards from years 7-11. I liked the curriculum from each of my subjects and wanted to continue my education in a familiar and friendly environment.



I chose RR6 because I know the schools well, know the teachers well, and they're local schools.


Sixth Form

I chose RR6 because they had all the great courses that I knew would make my 6th form day to day life fun and doing courses that I enjoy gets me one step closer to finding out what I aspire to do in the future which I have chosen to be interior architecture and design.