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United Through Excellence

Welcome to RR6

RR6 is the combined Sixth Form of Ricards Lodge High School and Rutlish School.  We offer students at different academic levels access to courses in a wide range of curriculum areas including our specialist subjects.

As a Sixth Form student at RR6 you will benefit from our commitment to first class teaching and also a pastoral framework that will support you in becoming an independent achiever. 

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What People Say


Sixth Form

I decided to go to RR6 instead of going to a completely different school for Sixth Form, therefore the transition between GCSE and A Levels was easier to adjust to.


Sixth Form

I chose to continue my education at RR6 due to the outstanding teaching and welcoming atmosphere.


Sixth Form

I chose to study at RR6 because I knew from experience in Ricards (main school) that the school offered a comfortable atmosphere with great supportive teachers.


Sixth Form

As a student in Year 11 at Ricards Lodge High School, I knew that RR6 is the perfect Sixth Form for me to attend.


Sixth Form

I chose to come to RR6 as I really enjoyed being at Ricards. I felt comfortable coming here as I already knew the teachers and found them helpful and supportive.


Sixth Form

I chose to study at RR6 because of the wide variety of academic and vocational courses it had to offer.


Sixth Form

As a student who has always considered herself to be ambitious, I found RR6 the perfect sixth form for me to attend.


Year 13

I chose to come to RR6 because of its fun, warm and familiar environment


Year 13


Year 13

I chose RR6 because I know the schools well, know teachers well, and they're local schools.


Year 13

I chose RR6 so that I could continue to access the high quality teaching and facilities that I had experienced at Rutlish and because I knew that the results the 6th form achieved were very good.


Year 13

I wanted to study at RR6 because I enjoyed my time at Ricards from years 7-11. I liked the curriculum from each of my subjects and wanted to continue my education in a familiar and friendly environment.


Year 13

I chose RR6 because I wanted to start new and meet new people