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Assessment & Reporting

Assessment & Reporting

You will receive three reports annually, one each term. There are two types of report, the full written report and the data report. Reports are sent to you via email and uploaded to your School Gateway account.

Data Reports
Information given in the report inlcudes:

  • Behaviour and Achievement Points
  • Percentage attendance, authorised and unauthorised absences
  • Lesson attendance (this percentage is based on your son being physically present in the lesson and can be affected by meetings/appointments etc)
  • Department target grade (this represents the target based on KS2/3 test scores, national statistics and professional judgement of the Department)
  • Working now at grade (reflects your son’s current performance in tests and coursework)
  • Predicted grade (the grade that the teacher believes your son is capable of by the end of the course)
  • Once a year, following completion of the formal examinations, your son’s exam grade will be reported to you in his data report.

Full Written Reports
This includes all of the above information, together with comments and targets from his subject teachers and tutor.

Formal examinations
Students sit formal examinations during each academic year for Year 7 & 8 these are normally towards the end of June, for Year 9 the end of April, Year 10 is normally March, Year 11 sit for mock exams in December prior to completing the formal exams in the summer term.