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Gifted & Talented

Gifted and Talented

Welcome to the Gifted and Talented Programme at Rutlish. At Rutlish we believe passionately in the right of each and every student to achieve their potential and that includes our gifted and talented students. Rutlish continues to develop in its provision for those students who are either gifted in academic subjects or those students who exhibit a specific talent in sporting or artistic areas.

Rutlish provides a broad and challenging curriculum to help their gifted and talented students fulfil their potential and exceed their expectations by offering a wide range of activities both inside and outside of the classroom.

Rutlish has developed an inclusive approach that allows students from all backgrounds to express themselves and it provides an environment where the more able are recognised in their achievements by their peers and the school community as a whole.

Lesson planning at Rutlish includes the criteria laid out by the national quality standards that specify the types of activities the more able can be expected to complete. Rutlish also provides for accelerated programmes of learning in some subjects. For instance, the highest ability maths students complete their GCSE at the end of Year 10 and study a Level 3 Maths course in Year 11. The more able Science students receive specialist teaching in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. In the Arts and Humanities in-class activities for the more able include working independently on research projects that allow students to develop their subject skills by studying topics of personal interest.

Outside lessons, Rutlish offers a wealth of activities and events that both support class work and also promote the social and emotional aspects of their development. There are opportunities for public speaking and presentations throughout KS3 for our gifted and talented students, with sessions aimed at improving content creation, confidence and structure of speaking year on year. These skills are then honed in national competitions such as the Jack Petchey Speak Out public speaking event for Year 10 students.

Rutlish links with other local schools, such as Ursuline and Ricards Lodge, to provide further support and competition for gifted and talented students at a regional level.

Please see below for a non-exhaustive list of some of the opportunities on offer:

Year 7:
Introduction to Gifted and Talented, encouraging extracurricular interests, countries projects and presentations, summer reading project

Year 8:
Reading wider (crime, action, thriller, mystery, modern) worldwide research projects, current affairs focus, history focus, introduction to philosophy

Year 9:
Reading wider (dystopian, gothic, mythology to modern), 21st century issues (Geography focus), options taster sessions (media, business, history etc.), subject expert sessions

Year 10:
Options review presentations, Jack Petchey Speakout competition, public speaking workshops, Model United Nations conference, GCSE exam technique and revision

Year 11:
Subject expert sessions with a focus on GCSE skills, tips, hints and common pitfalls, 1-1 support interviews

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