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Home Learning

In January 2021 we saw the delay of students returning to school after the Christmas break and then the start of national lockdown 3. Our students moved to remote learning and many parents worked from home which brought new challenges for our families.

Rutlish School has made significant investment in technology and the professional development of teachers to enable a full timetable to be delivered remotely. The focus has been to keep all students engaged in their learning and producing high quality work.

Everyone has had to adapt and we thank all our families who have made adjustments and sacrifices to help their sons learn at home.

We have been very grateful to receive messages of thanks from our parents, a morale boost for us all.

Some messages from Rutlish families:

“Just to re iterate a huge THANK YOU to yourselves and to all the teachers too for the amazing way you have all had to adapt to teaching the boys.

I am super impressed with how well the online schooling is working this lockdown and that’s all down to all the teachers amazing hard work and commitment.

XXX’s learning has been great and he’s really getting on with all his work as he would do at school -this would not have been possible without all your support and adaptations to continue to teach as normal as thank you gratefully, you guys are doing a fantastic job!!”

“Please pass on our thanks to the whole Rutlish team for the huge effort they have gone to in order to keep our boys engaged and educated. We know the past half term can't have been easy for any of you and we are so grateful to you for your exceptional hard work.”



“Thank you so much, it's warmed my heart to get such a lovely response and I must say I was listening in on the lesson (in between my Childminding) and I was thinking today that you are so good at teaching, you are clear and explain things so well. This is not a given talent all teachers seem to possess. Thank you and have a great weekend.”


“Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for how Rutlish has adapted to this online learning during this lockdown. It’s been absolutely exactly spot on for XXX, who has remained focused and feels so much more a part of the learning process - and importantly, with his friends too. There’s been the right balance of teachers asking for work handwritten, as well as on screen; challenging work, and enjoyable tasks.  I’m rarely within earshot of the lessons, but when I have been, the staff are so patient when technology fails.

So just a huge well done - and so much gratitude for all the hours you’ve all put in to make this possible.”

“I just wanted to say thankyou to Ms Reynolds for the Year 7 English language she just held. I was secretly listening in (!) and I haven't heard him so positively engaged in his learning in a long time. I've been worried about how hard he has been finding it to join in with his lessons and hearing him just now was a breath of fresh air - he actually sounded like he was enjoying himself!

After asking what was so different about the lesson, he told me there were small group breakout rooms, which he really enjoyed, but he also said Ms Reynolds 'just had a good energy' about her, that rubbed off on him.

I just wanted to say a big thankyou so much to Ms Reynolds, it's made my day and made the whole household feel much more hopeful.”

Feedback to a teacher: parents praised the school for all the excellent support provided for their son and the remote teaching that is being delivered.



“I am really happy with what the school is doing.”

On Twitter: “Super impressed with year 7 online learning at Rutlish School. Thank you teachers for all you do.”