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Year 10 Virtual Trip to the London Stock Exchange

In Careers Week during the 2021 lockdown Rutlish Year 10 Business Studies class took part in a virtual trip to the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) with our partners The Skills Builder Parnetship. The assignment set for the Year 10 team was to “come up with inventions to help people to work remotely and still feel part of a team”.

The students worked remotely as a group to collaborate on inventing an app for LSEG. The app was named StockApp, its multifunctional design was to detect activity of the workforce. After a brainstorm of ideas the group concluded the app idea would originate from one of Mrs Graham's, (Rutlish School Business Studies teacher), favourite quiz show The Weakest Link!

The group adapted the quiz and decided the employees would split into departmental teams. Each team would take turns in answering department/business based questions about their work undertaken that day and within a time limit. The app creates chains of correct answers from each team. There would be a leader board that shows the winning team. This game seeks to motivate LSEG employees to work as a team during Covid-19 restrictions. Upon implementation the app could be used with other departments to help individuals work as a team across the LSEG group. This would help those who feel isolated from the workplace during lockdown and remote working.

On the 5th day, the London Stock Exchange Group connected virtually and kicked off the session with introductions into their job roles, which included: “Seeing what the clients are doing with the data and make sure they are compliant with the policy” and “I work in the technology team and help with technical queries from applications to using desk phones”.

The students took it in turns to present the StockApp features and LSEG praised the students for teamwork, partnership and collaboration. They asked what the students themselves thought of the app and they replied that they thought it would get people talking and enable people to make friends in the workplace.

LSEG gave feedback to the students which included:

  • The basis of the app was good, and they could look into building up different levels. It was a good start; relating the app to what they know and encouraging team work; these are general life skills.
  • The whole concept is very positive.
  • Well done for looking at LSEG as a company.
  • Liked the fact the game is based on something they could relate to – the research was good.

They went on to advice the students:

  • The app was brilliant, a great idea, when delivering stand tall and proud.
  • Always think about the concepts on what they are trying to achieve.
  • Keep busy by teaching themselves via Youtube videos etc.

Students had the opportunity to ask the volunteers from LSEG questions which included; "How do you become a good investor?" Replied varied from "remember what goes up must come down", "start with money you can afford to lose" and "do not put all your eggs in one basket".

Our Year 10 Business Studies students enjoyed the sessions saying it was something different and that they learnt a lot.

Mrs Graham thanks Skills Builder and the London Stock Exchange for their work with the Year 10 students. It was a great opportunity for them.