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Mr R B Coyle, Rutlish Headteacher 1970 - 1985

It is with sadness that Ms Howarth, Headteacher, announces Mr R B Coyle passed away on 30 December 2020.

Mr Coyle was the fifth headteacher of Rutlish School between 1970 - 1985. He will also be remembered as an ex-president of the Old Rutlishians Association.

We send our condolences to his family from all past and present Rutlish students and staff.

We are grateful to have received messages and memories about Mr Coyle, including the following.

"I’m a very old Rutlishian.  I left in 1986, the same year Mr Coyle stepped down. I must say, I have very fond memories of him - and his gift of loving ‘Greek Literature in Translation’ stays with me to this day."

On Twitter:

"A lovely headmaster who was firm but fair and had an uncanny ability to take an interest in all his students well-being, RIP Sir."

"He was firm, he was fair, and somehow you knew he had your well-being at heart. To this day I'm amazed how he seemed to have the ability to know who everybody was and care. I thought he was a fabulous headmaster. Goodnight Sir."