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Cologne Christmas Market Trip

Cologne Christmas Market Trip 2023

Students enjoyed a recent trip to Germany to visit the Christmas market in Cologne.  Here are some of their reviews:

“The trip offered me the opportunity to speak conversational German, improving my listening and speaking skills. My favourite part of the trip was looking around the Cologne Cathedral and going up the tower. I also loved the sights, smells and tastes of the Christmas markets. 5/5.” Douglas P

“The German trip was exhilarating but my favourite part was when we went to the Cathedral, because we went up 533 steps! Also the view was incredible” Ivan S

“The German trip was very fun and a wonderful experience. […] I had a great time in Germany even when we had to climb up over 500 steps in the cathedral!” Milo P

“The best part was the football pool on the first night” Ollie E

“I really enjoyed the German trip. My favourite part was when we all when to the football pool place. It was an awesome experience with my friends I will never forget. The Christmas markets and Köln Cathedral were breath taking. The Currywurst was very tasty. The boat tour was very entertaining with authentic German music” Daniel E